Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brimfield Antique Auto Show

October 2, 2010 — I hadn't been planning to attend the Second Annual Brimfield Antique Auto Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts this year. I went to their first show last year and it was dominated by street rods and custom jobs, not my cup of tea. However, there were a few classics, like a 1912 Buick, a couple of Model T's and several Model A's. There was also an interesting collection of vintage fire trucks.

But then I read that a running replica of the 1893 Duryea, America's first gasoline-powered automobile, was going to be present, and the forecast was for a bright, sunny day, whereas last year's show was under a heavy cloud cover. So I got up early and headed for Brimfield. It was worth the trip.

The Duryea was there, with its builder, Dick Stevens, on hand to explain the mechanics of his vehicle and the effort that went into building it. It's an exact replica of the original, one of which is in the Smithsonian Institution. Dick took the car on a spin around the fairgrounds under its own power. It's capable of a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour.

There were more cars than last year, and some very interesting ones. Besides the Duryea, there was a 1920 Oldsmobile coupe, said to be one of only nine in existence. A bonus was Celtic Thunder which came marching onto the grounds in full Scottish regalia with bagpipes and drums. They played several selections and then marched off. They were also there last year. I love bagpipes and it's almost worth the trip down there just to hear them.

My photos of the event, including videos of the Duryea and Celtic Thunder, can be seen at:


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